Day: March 9, 2022

Helping the Disabled Get Up and Down From Any Flat Surface in the HomeHelping the Disabled Get Up and Down From Any Flat Surface in the Home

The Swiss Support Handle is a great invention that can help the disabled get up and down from any flat surface in the home. Its suction design means it can grip almost any surface with a firm grip, and its flip-up locking tabs ensure that it doesn’t damage the walls or floors in the process. The Swiss Support Handle is ideal for supporting people who have trouble climbing stairs or opening doors. Its unique suction design and flip-up locking tabs make it a perfect choice for any room.

Creating a Wheelchair-Friendly Home: A Complete Guide

Aside from supporting the user while climbing up and down stairs, it also supports them when lifting and closing doors. Many elderly or disabled people suffer painful injuries from falling in the bathroom. The Support Handle is easy to install on any flat surface in the house. Its flip-up locking tabs allow the user to place it where they need it, and it blends into any interior decor. However, a person should keep it clean and dry to get the best suction results.

The Swiss Support Handle can be used on any flat surface in the home, including countertops and tile. It is backed by Swiss American Technology. With its suction system and flip-up locking tabs, it is easy to place it anywhere you need assistance. It also blends in perfectly with most interior designs. A unique design and dual locking tabs enable the Support Handle to be placed on a flat surface, such as a tub, shower, sink or even the bathroom floor.