Day: February 24, 2023

Everrati Land Rover Series II Electric VehicleEverrati Land Rover Series II Electric Vehicle

The land rover series iia is a rare, and underappreciated, version of one of the most iconic off road vehicles ever made. This was the off road truck that made the Willys Jeep famous and helped save lives in Africa and Australia, and was also the backbone of Australia’s Snowy Mountains Scheme.

Why are defenders so popular?

This vehicle is a restomod from Everrati, who have carefully ripped out the old engine, and replaced it with an electric motor and battery pack that gives it 150 horsepower and 221 lb-ft of torque. All the controls, switches and gearbox have been redesigned to work with the new drivetrain.

It comes with a range of eight standard colors to choose from and is trimmed in Bridge of Weir leather. The dashboard is all original, but is specially designed to indicate things like battery charge and range.

The electric powertrain has been developed by Everrati in-house using a mix of off-the-shelf parts and ones that have been specifically designed for this application. The batteries are 60kWh, providing 125 miles of range. The charger will accept up to 150 kW, and the vehicle takes about 40 minutes to get up to 80 percent charge from 20 percent.