Day: April 23, 2023

Himalaya Customs Builds a Refurbished Land Rover DefenderHimalaya Customs Builds a Refurbished Land Rover Defender

refurbished land rover defender

A refurbished land rover defender is a unique piece of history that few people will have the opportunity to own. It’s the type of vehicle that appeals to those who buck the system and take the road less traveled, those who don’t settle for a mundane lifestyle and those who are seeking a sense of adventure in their lives.

There’s a reason why these vehicles are so sought after and it’s simple: They’re hardy, capable off-roaders with the ability to tow virtually any trailer. They’re also a great way to express your independence and self-confidence in a world where it’s often difficult to be seen without a modern SUV or luxury car behind you.

But there’s one thing that’s holding these trucks back from being the go-to, off-road-capable vehicles they’ve always been: Their dated engines and outdated design make them unsafe in a number of ways. They’re slow, they’re unsafe in traffic and they’re just plain bad at everything else besides off-roading.

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That’s why Himalaya has taken on the task of building custom Defenders that don’t just look good, but do better than anything you’ll find on the streets today. Depending on your tastes, Himalaya will build you a Defender near-identical to the ones that rolled off of the factory in Solihull, England, in the 1980s and ’90s, or a more contemporary version with disc brakes, beefier drivetrains and modern amenities like heated seats and a touchscreen display.

But the real draw of a classic Land Rover Defender isn’t just its toughness or off-road ability; it’s its heritage and its connection to freedom. Himalaya is hoping to bring that feeling to a whole new group of Defender owners.