Day: June 4, 2023

A London GuideA London Guide

London guide

From immersive architectural walking tours to a plethora of tours focused on the history and mysteries of the city’s famous sites, there are many ways to explore London’s fascinating past. These expert-led itineraries offer a unique insight into the rich culture of the city and come with printable checklists, digital maps and more.

The British Museum: An enormous museum, with a huge collection of historical artifacts that include the Parthenon Marbles and Rosetta Stone. A visit typically lasts about 2 to 3 hours.

St Paul’s Cathedral: Located in the London guide , this huge cathedral is a sight to see, even if you don’t attend any services. It was designed by Sir Christopher Wren in the 17th Century and has some stunning architecture.

Unlocking the Secrets of London: A Comprehensive Guide to Exploring the Best of the Capital

Euan’s Guide: This site offers a number of guided tours, including an ‘everything you need to know’ tour that takes you around the historic city centre. This includes the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben and the Tower of London. It also stops at places linked to the story of Jack the Ripper, who was suspected to be responsible for murders in the East End in 1888.

A guide that is a bit different, this one was created by 60 local creatives who each took a page to showcase and tell their favourite parts of the city. It’s a lovely little book that will be useful to anyone planning a day, week or longer trip to London.