Day: July 10, 2023

Tree Felling Services in Cape Town, South AfricaTree Felling Services in Cape Town, South Africa

When you need a tree felled, a professional tree felling contractor can be a great help. They will know cape town tree felling and how to do it safely and efficiently. They also have access to the appropriate equipment for the job. In addition, they will know how to dispose of the debris correctly. This can save you a lot of hassle and money. In fact, hiring a professional can even save you money in the long run by saving you from any potential damage or liability issues that may arise.

How much does it cost to remove a tree stump?

It was January 2018, and the city of Cape Town, South Africa, faced a catastrophic water crisis. By “Day Zero,” a date the mayor predicted would arrive within months, taps in urban neighborhoods would run dry. Residents could expect a daily ration of 6.6 gallons per person—less than a twelfth of their US consumption.

A team led by Stafford was recruited to clear invasive pine trees and Australian acacia that were strangling water supplies for a city already stretched thin by drought and climate change. These thirsty non-native plants, found in mountain catchment areas that supply Cape Town’s water, drain billions of liters annually.