Day: July 14, 2023

Top Criminal Lawyers MelbourneTop Criminal Lawyers Melbourne

top criminal lawyers melbourne

When you’re facing criminal charges, you want a solicitor who is reliable and effective. You also need someone who can deliver expert advice. But it’s not as easy as just picking any solicitor – you need to know who the best ones are.

One of the top criminal lawyers melbourne is Dribbin & Brown Criminal Lawyers. This firm has several offices in Melbourne and specialises in criminal defence law. They have experience in a wide variety of cases, from drink driving offences in Magistrates Court to murder trials at Victoria’s Supreme Court. The team at Dribbin & Brown understand that preparation, clear and simple communication, and effective lobbying are the keys to success.

Another highly-rated law firm is Sher Criminal Lawyers. Their team of lawyers has decades of combined experience in criminal defence law. They work with each client to develop a customised legal strategy that takes into account their unique circumstances and objectives. They are experienced in defending people charged with murder, robbery, burglary, fraud, and a range of other serious criminal offences.

Expert Representation: How Criminal Defence Lawyers in Melbourne Fight for Your Freedom

Located in the heart of Melbourne’s legal district, Slades and Parsons is a criminal law firm that has a long history of representing clients in some of Australia’s largest and most significant cases. They regularly brief Melbourne’s most seasoned criminal barristers, including top QCs, and have excellent connections with medical, technical, and forensic experts to help their clients achieve the best results possible in their case.