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Buying a Hot Tub Jacket

Hot tubs need a good cover to hot tub jacket heat from escaping and ice from building up. A hot tub jacket offers an alternative to the standard hard cover by combining a protective and insulating blanket with a hat-style lid. This helps to trap in the heat, lower energy costs and make your hot tub more enjoyable when you’re using it.

While the hot tub jacket doesn’t completely replace a hard cover, it is a great addition to a pool and spa system and works best when paired with a ground mat and cover. This insulation blanket fits around the sides (and maybe bottom) of a hot tub to help lock in heat, and it can be either a foam or foil wrap.

Wrap Up Warm: The Lowdown on Hot Tub Insulation Jackets for Energy Savings

When picking a hot tub jacket, look for brands that offer a wide range of sizes, affordable prices, and well-fitting seals. Also look for quality construction, a warranty, and customer service. For our testing, we asked Ricky Robinson, the spa department manager of Pelican Sports Center, to provide insights on the best products and how to use them.

In our tests, the Best Western Plus insulated hot tub cover kept dirt, debris, and insects out while helping to maintain the water temperature of the hot tub. Its pull tabs were easy to maneuver and it has a secure drawstring, which makes the cover easy to put on. It’s a great option for those who don’t want to deal with the mess of a clogged, frozen and unwieldy hot tub cover in the winter.

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