BSF South Sudan Shopping Coastal Fashion – A Feminine Take on Beachwear

Coastal Fashion – A Feminine Take on Beachwear

Like the coexisting coastal fashion  trend that took TikTok by storm this summer, coastal fashion is a unique style aesthetic inspired by ocean tides and equestrian-inspired cowgirl vibes. Popularized by the likes of Kendall Jenner and Pamela Anderson, this distinctly feminine take on beachwear combines all the best style elements of the sea-shell sporting Ariel and the cowgirl-boot wearing Jessie from Disney’s Toy Story — think striped tops, maxi skirts, straw hats and linen dresses.

The main difference between this style and cottagecore, a similar aesthetic that encapsulates cozy clothing and recipes and cooking, is that it’s designed for those who want to embrace the outdoors as well. It’s a lifestyle, not just a fashion look, and it’s exemplified by the way many women who embrace this style — including celebrities such as Jenna Bush Hager and Meryl Streep in films like Something’s Gotta Give and It’s Complicated — often spend their days at the beach or out in the garden surrounded by nature.

Elegance by the Shore: A Deep Dive into the Allure of Coastal Fashion

Those who embrace coastal fashion typically prefer light and airy fabrics such as cotton and linen. They also prefer neutral shades of white, tan and cream, with touches of pale aqua and shell pink, as well as natural weaves such as sisal, jute and rattan. The result is a laidback yet sophisticated vibe, and one that’s perfect for anyone who wants to feel relaxed and at home.

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