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Dance Schools Nundah – Offering Traditional Arts

Dance Schools Nundah is a place in Australia, where many different types of dance have been taught, learned and performed. The school was started in the 1950’s by Mr. William Chase who thought that one should aim to do something innovative, rather than what has been done in the past. Since then, a lot of changes have been made, with the emphasis being on developing the dancer’s individuality as well as skills through dance classes. Classes are separated for children of different ages and even for different sexes to ensure equal opportunity. This ensures that everyone gets an equal opportunity to learn the dance.

Many Different Types of Dance

There are various dance styles being taught at Dance Schools Nundah including the belly dance, the tango and the hip hop. Belly dance is one of the most popular and it is usually taught at schools to keep students fit and toned, which is why they are also called as exercise dance. This is a style of dance that uses many of the movements that are common in ballet but without the rigid and structured body positions and postures. Belly dancing is usually performed by women and it is considered to be a seductive art form because of its sensuality and elegance.

Tango are some of the other dance styles that are commonly taught at Dance Schools Nundah. Tango is a style of Latin dance, characterized by its fast-paced dance moves and popularity in dance clubs and events. Tango has gained a lot of followers since it first came out and was first showcased at the Santeria Parade in Sydney, Australia. The dance is characterized by its slow movements that are fluid and graceful, perfect for the female dancers. Both tango are great learning and dancing arts for students of all ages.

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