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Dental Implants in Omaha

The Dental Implant Centre are a viable solution for those who want to replace missing teeth. These dental prosthetics are designed to provide long-term stability and support. They are made of durable titanium and look and feel like natural teeth. The process of implantation is done with a local anesthetic, making them pain-free.

Can cosmetic dentist extract teeth?

A dentist will perform the procedure by putting a small incision in the gums to access the jawbone. Then, a surgical guide is used to place the implant in the bone. Normally, this is done in one sitting. Once the post is in the bone, the surgeon will close the incision with a stitch.

It is normal to experience some swelling after the implant is placed. Patients can take ibuprofen to manage this. If there is bleeding, it will usually stop within a day. Nevertheless, it is important to attend regular check-ups to ensure that the area around the surgery does not develop an infection.

Patients must also maintain good oral hygiene after the procedure. If dental plaque accumulates on the implant, it will cause inflammation in the bone. This may lead to future bone loss. Similarly, poor oral hygiene will lead to dental implant failure.

Compared to dentures and other false teeth, implants are more successful. They can be used for multiple teeth or an entire arch. Moreover, they are less likely to slip and cause inconvenience.

If you are considering getting dental implants, you should find a professional in Omaha who can assess your needs. Paul Krause Dental Omaha can determine if you are a candidate.

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