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Gym Sports Bras

gym sports bras

For many women, the right gym sports bras  can be a workout game changer. A good fit can help you lift heavier, run faster and sink deeper into that cobra pose (that one you’ve been working so hard on in yoga class). On the flip side, a bad-fitting sports bra can lead to chafing, slipping straps, or even breast movement during exercise.

To find the perfect sports bra, measure around your chest to find your band size and measure the largest part of your bust for cup size. Look for the fabric to be smooth all the way around and avoid any wrinkles or puckers. It should also be tight enough to be comfortable, but not so tight it’s restrictive or cutting off your breath. Ensure there’s no chafing from the armholes, shoulder straps or back hooks or clasps. Also, check for rubbing or chaffing around the underwire. If there’s a lot of rubbing or chaffing, try a smaller size.

Support and Style: Find the Perfect Gym Sports Bra for Your Workouts

This breathable and sweat-wicking sports bra from Spanx, a brand that’s known for its shapewear, has a medium level of support that’s great for most gym classes but especially for high-intensity HIIT classes. It has a cross-back design that’s stylish under a tank top, adjustable straps that can be worn crossed over the back for a racer-back look or straight across like everyday bra straps and it fits B-G cups. Best of all, the zipper closure means it’s super easy to shed post-workout without having to wrestle the sweaty fabric over your head.

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