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How Label Sheets Are Used at Home

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Laser label sheets are also known as thermal labels. This is because they are made from heat-sensitive paper that is printed by the laser onto a surface that has a special coating that has a tendency to allow heat to pass through the paper more easily than other papers with a lower reflective coating. Laser print labels are used on CD’s, DVDs, labels for t-shirts and on items such as CDs and DVDs. Label sheets for laser printers aren’t used exclusively in this kind of application though, and you can get a range of other types of label sheets in various sizes and file formats from the label printer manufacturer.

Why need Label Sheets at Home

One common use for this type of label sheets is for printing out orders for customers of a company. Rather than having to create a spreadsheet full of data for each customer individually, which may take a long time to collect, the printer manufacturer can include all customer data in one document so it is easier to produce the order forms for the specific customer as well as to print the invoice. This makes it much easier to prepare invoices for shipping, since the information required will be identical for each customer. Labels for thermal printers can also be printed directly onto regular letter size paper, which is good for mailing (though not for printing bills of materials to be shipped). This means that you won’t have to cut up large amounts of extra or different letter size paper into different parts, wasting space in your warehouse that could be used for something else.

Another type of label sheets are custom labels. These can come in rolls similar to thermal rolls or in single sheets, making it very easy to create unique labels to fit a certain need, such as a product label for a particular company or product, or a custom printed thank you card. Roll labels and custom labels both make great items for the printer at home, but there are also more professional-looking options available in a range of weights and sizes, so make sure to shop around to find the option that best suits your needs.

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