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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (Hbot) For Athletes

Athletes are in a highly competitive world. Whether they’re preparing for a marathon, an Olympic event, or just training for the next big game, every athlete needs to stay healthy and strong in order to win. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (hbot) helps athletes recover from the injuries and illnesses that can keep them out of competition, and boost their performance once they’re back in action.

Why is hyperbaric oxygen therapy so expensive?

In a well-designed study, intermittent exposure to hyperbaric oxygen (HBOT) combined with exercise training increased both VO2Max and mitochondrial capacity in human skeletal muscles compared to exercise training alone. This improvement was not due to a temporary increase in oxygen delivery, as demonstrated by CPET and mitochondrial biopsies performed more than 1 week after the last HBOT session.

The influx of oxygen from the hbot for athletes  chamber flushes tissues and cells, and speeds up repair processes and regeneration of injured tissue. It also reduces swelling, promotes the growth of new tiny blood vessels, and stimulates stem cell production in damaged bone marrow. HBOT also boosts white blood cell creation, lowering inflammation and preventing infection and illness that could keep athletes out of competition.

The hbot chamber’s increased oxygen levels are also good for the brain, sparking energy production and waking up inactive neurons. This allows athletes to think faster and more clearly in high-pressure situations. Getting enough sleep is also essential for top performance, and HBOT can help people switch from active to restorative sleep. This is why many top athletes, including Tiger Woods, use hbot.

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