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LLQP Study Material

The Gallup study material is a standardized exam that allows individuals to sell life insurance, accident and sickness insurance, segregated funds, and annuities in Canada. In order to pass this exam, you must have a good understanding of the underlying materials including concepts, legislation, sales techniques, and client management. While there are many online llqp study guides, you must be careful to choose one that is backed by a respected education provider.

The exam is multiple-choice and you are given four hours to complete it. You must answer 140 questions and record them on a scantron sheet. Bathroom breaks are not permitted. It is recommended that you take the exam in a quiet location where you can concentrate. The exam format is based on a scenario-based approach and you must think critically to come up with answers. The exam is designed to ensure that individuals entering the industry are competent and ethical. There are strict rules in place to discourage cheating, which can result in a ban from the industry.

Insurance 101: Exploring the Key Fundamentals of Risk Management

Whether you are a seasoned insurance professional or are new to the business, the exam can be challenging. To pass the LLQP course, you need to devote time to studying, taking practice exams, and learning from a knowledgeable instructor. To register to write an LLQP exam, you must first create a portal account with your provincial insurance regulator. Once you pass a certification exam with an approved education provider, your achievement is recorded with the Canadian Insurance Producer Registry (CIPR). CIPR is operated by your provincial insurance regulator.

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