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Pocket Hugs Australia

A take anywhere pocket hugs australia token for those moments when little people need a big hug from their special people like mummy or daddy. Each wooden pocket hug comes with a drawstring bag for safe keeping and a postcard that can be customised to write who the gift is from.

How are hugs beneficial?

The perfect personalised isolation gift for children starting nursery school or primary school, or for kids that have separation anxiety when returning after a long holiday or break from day care or school. Tuck one in their pocket or bag for the day and let them know that if they ever feel anxious, scared or worried they can pull it out, hold it to their chest and remember that mummy is right there with them.

The engraved hug token is made from laser cut 3mm natural wood. Due to the unique characteristics of natural timber, no two tokens will be identical and your card may vary slightly from the one pictured (wood grain patterns, knots etc). This just adds to the beauty and uniqueness of this gift.

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