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Self Storage – A Reliable Option For Those in Need of Storing Stuff

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“CubeSmart Self Storage of Brooklyn, NY provides affordable self storage with maximum facilities.” -pages from customer review of our popular self storage unit in New York City. “A local business with a large inventory of environmentally friendly and recycled goods, they’re well-known for their prompt delivery and secure facility.” -AP statewide news source.}


“They are New York’s self-storage experts with a full range of storage facilities in Manhattan and other boroughs.” “The folks who work there are always helpful and never rude. The security and climate-controlled atmosphere they offer are beyond reproach.”


Self storage in Belmont is located at Rydal Laboratory, Suite #6, Belmont New York. Address: 2700 Waverly Pl, Belmont, NJ. Phone: (9+) 609 732 8500. Fax: (9+) 609 732 8500. Drop off only: (877) 925 6887. Your pick up. storage. Most units are fully furnished. A self-storage unit in Belmont can be used for a wide variety of purposes such as storing holiday decorations, excess luggage, office supplies, and holiday gear, to name just a few.


The cost varies according to the size of unit you require. Generally self-storage units are priced according to the size of the item to be stored. However, if a larger item is needed then additional charges may apply. Units are available monthly or annually. Pricing varies from location to location.


Most self storage Belmont are inspected for safety purposes. Regular inspections are conducted to ensure equipment condition. In the event of damage or loss, repairs are usually completed without charge. If not, they may offer you a similar rate to that of other local providers.

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