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The Basics of Window Cleaning

The Basics of Window Cleaning

Window cleaning, also known as window washing, is a Beaches | Cleaning process for removing dirt from windows. Traditionally, window cleaning is done by hand, but modern technology is becoming a popular way of automating the process. Here are some of the methods used in window cleaning. Using a soft cloth or sponge, wipe down each pane of glass, and wipe them dry with a microfiber cloth is a common method. In some cases, a window cleaning company will come to your home and do the work for you.

The first step in window cleaning is to clean the frames. A sponge with a mild detergent is used for wood windows, while a specialist window cleaner is used on uPVC. Then, a squeegee rubber strip is used to clean the pane’s edges and inside of the glass. It should be squeegeed in an ‘S’ shape from the top corner, and then wiped clean with a lint-free cloth. When removing stubborn marks, a sponge is sometimes needed to remove the remaining residue.

If you’re cleaning a huge picture window, a professional cleaning company may suggest using the snake method. This involves pulling a squeegee horizontally across the pane, lowering it to the waterline, and wiping it clean. Next, wipe the bottom of the window frame with a soft “scrubbie” cloth to remove stubborn stains. Don’t use steel wool or other hard scrubbing cloths as these can scratch the glass.

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