BSF South Sudan Blog Travel Tips to Make Your Next Trip More Enjoyable and Stress-Free

Travel Tips to Make Your Next Trip More Enjoyable and Stress-Free

Travel Tips

Travel Tips

Whether it’s a night-out in the city or a month-long international trip, being prepared can help ensure your safety and comfort. Here are a few easy, time-saving tips to make your next trip more enjoyable and stress-free.

Pack light (a carry-on is ideal). It makes you look more travel savvy, and it’s easier to move around in crowded airports when you don’t have a huge suitcase to haul. Packing cubes are a godsend — they separate your clothing and keep everything organized. Learn more

Plan ahead — research the culture and customs of your destination before you leave home, so you know what to expect and can blend in. Consider learning a few phrases of the local language. This will make you more approachable to the locals and will give you a sense of pride in your ability to communicate with the natives.

Plan Ahead: Research fitness facilities or gyms at your travel destination before you arrive

Be aware of the environment, wildlife and culture of the place you are traveling to – don’t be afraid to speak up if you think the tour guides are being unethical or having a negative impact on the surroundings. Especially in “tourist” areas, locals will appreciate that you are making an effort to learn about their culture.

Avoid high-season tourist attractions and try to visit during the shoulder season if possible, when prices are lower and crowds are smaller. If you are traveling with children, be realistic about what can and cannot be accomplished in a day. Trying to do too much can lead to burn out for both you and your kids. Also, rushing through a lot of destinations can give you a “tourist” feel instead of really experiencing each place.

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