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Type of Legal Professionals

About Type of Legal Professionals

The earliest records of distinct legal professions of any size are quite modern. Prior to these, chiefs, princes or kings in small societies performed the duties of judge, though they often delegated this work to other people, including priests and wise men.

Type of Legal Professionals , also known as attorneys, are certified professionals who counsel clients and prepare legal documents in criminal or civil court proceedings. They can serve as a client’s primary adviser on a wide range of legal matters, from a simple divorce to the filing of a class-action lawsuit.

Lawyers/Attorneys: These are general practitioners who represent clients in various legal matters, such as criminal defense

Legal assistants, also called paralegals, are a type of legal professional who works with lawyers and attorneys to support the legal process by conducting research, filing documents and providing administrative assistance. They may also be responsible for assisting the public with their legal issues, especially in smaller firms.

Family lawyers specialize in helping their clients with divorce, child custody and other family-related legal cases. They also help their clients with estate planning and establishing trusts to avoid taxation.

Business lawyers, or corporate attorneys, assist businesses in making sure that their operations fall within the bounds of local, state and federal laws. They may be involved in mergers, acquisitions and drafting company contracts.

Toxic tort lawyers help victims file lawsuits over personal injuries caused by exposure to dangerous chemicals, drugs, products or environmental factors. They may be employed in a large law firm or solo practice.

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