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Vibratory Finishing

Vibratory finishing is a mass finishing manufacturing method that can be used to achieve a variety of desired finishes on a small workpiece. This type of process is used for deburring, radiing, de-scaling, burnishing, cleaning, and brightening small workpieces.

Mass Finishing – Barrel Tumbling Style

Vibratory finishing is a valuable process for non-ferrous metals and plastic parts. Its low part-to-media ratio ensures optimal surface finishes. This method is ideal for parts that are fragile or irregularly shaped. Unlike other methods of finishing, vibratory finishing uses only one part per compartment, fixture, or machine.

Vibratory finishing machines are usually spring-mounted open-top containers attached to oscillation or vibration generators. Vibratory finishing machines can vary in size, with some models able to accommodate over 100 cubic feet of parts. The parts are agitated by the vibratory media which removes burrs, edges, dirt, and oil from the metal surface. The vibrating process continues until a desired level of finish is achieved. The time required depends on the materials and the desired finish.

Vibratory finishing is more expensive than barrel finishing. However, it can be used in tight-tolerance projects. It has the advantage of being more efficient and suitable for automated operations, which can help companies save on labor costs. Furthermore, it provides a smoother finish that does not cause excessive surface wear, increasing the part’s longevity and durability.

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