BSF South Sudan Blog Wetpour Repair – How to Look After Wetpour

Wetpour Repair – How to Look After Wetpour

Wetpour Repair

Wetpour Repair is a safety surfacing that is often used in playgrounds and around equipment because it softens falls from any height. It is a mixture of small rubber granules and polyurethane binder that is poured over tarmac and it is a common feature in schools, public parks, and children’s centers across the UK. While wetpour is marketed as maintenance-free, it still needs to be looked after regularly to ensure that it remains safe for children to use.Check this out :

When looking after wetpour proactively, you can discover any areas that have become damaged and get them repaired as quickly as possible. This prevents any issues with the surface that could cause injury to children and adults using it. It also means that you can save money by getting the repairs done as soon as they are needed rather than waiting until it becomes too late.

Extending the Lifespan of Your Wetpour Playground: Repair Tips

One of the most common problems with wetpour is shrinkage of the edges around the perimeter. This happens over time due to cold weather conditions and can create a gap or crevice that could develop into a trip hazard. This can be easily fixed by carrying out a ‘band repair’ to the surfacing.

Another important thing to do is to remove grass, weeds and leaves from the surface every day. These items can break down and clog the wetpour’s pores. If this happens, the wetpour won’t be able to drain properly and it will need more maintenance in the future.

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