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What to Look For in a Waterproof Car Cover

waterproof car cover

A waterproof car cover is a necessity for your vehicle if you want to keep it clean and protected from damage. It will help to protect your car from birds droppings, dust, rain, UV rays and wind. A good quality cover will prevent these damages and make your car last longer. But not all covers are created equal, and it is important to know what you should look for in a good cover before making your purchase.

One of the best waterproof covers is the Ultimate Shield Cover, which has a five-layer construction to offer superior weather protection. This includes an almost impenetrable layer of polypropylene, a soft fleece lining that helps to protect the paint finish and a layer to prevent mildew or rot. The seams are ultrasonically welded, and the fabric is UV-treated. The cover is also breathable, which helps to prevent condensation and mold.

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Another great cover is the Seal Skin Supreme, which is designed to be both 100 percent waterproof and breathable. Its breathable design is achieved by having few openings (no antenna hole or mirror sleeves) and using taped seams. This cover also comes with a 10-year warranty against rips and tears.

A cheaper option is the Motor Trend Waterproof Cover, which is designed for sedans and can fit cars up to 185 inches long. It has a woven cotton outer shell and an anti-scratch lining, and it is easy to put on. It is also breathable and has a lockable zipper, which helps to protect your car from thieves. This cover is also waterproof and has hooks, straps and elastic hems to keep it in place during high winds.

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